Zelenz Publishing

Zelenz Publishing is proud to offer their publishing services to international researchers and authors. Zelenz Publishing is a book editing, cover design, critique and publishing services provider based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We publish through various e-book sellers. Print publications can be contracted as desired.

We focus extensively on works that address cutting edge research, technology, and topics that challenge the status quo. We are very interested in work that serves to assist our society to make progress more readily than the current delay often found through hard-earned research that is shelved in an academic library, never to see the general public’s attention. Most research currently has a tendency to take 20 or more years to reach the attention of the public. We aim to facilitate awareness more readily and remove the barriers that most research writing faces.

We also offer editing services to enable your work to reach a broader audience. This means that we can take what would normally appear in APA, AMA, or other traditional research format, and make it more user friendly for the general reader. We do not detract from your meticulous referencing, but present in a format that is less daunting for the casual reader.

We find that those who make decisions in our nations are often not interested in reading research jargon. Their ability to be influenced by your findings depends upon creating a format that is easy to read and really hones in on the topic at hand. Inclusion of your original research and its original format is standard and utilized to reinforce the points made through the revised book-variety formatting.

Ready to go beyond the limitations of the research publication world?

If you need to know more or if you are ready to publish, send a synopsis and the first two chapters to us at shella@zelenz.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.